How to purchase

The purchase of the products on this site is made by selecting the desired products on the pages of the Product Catalog on this site
Each product is accompanied by all the useful information for the buyer, product sheet, image, ingredients, unit price.

If the product is available, the corresponding page on your right shows the form through which it can be ordered, selecting the desired quantity and clicking on the BUY or ORDER button.

With this operation the product is inserted into the cart, a list that shows all the purchase data and the cost of each product entered and the possible transport cost.

At the end of the shopping cart page there is a summary of the costs for the purchase of all the products entered.

In order to make a purchase, the Customer must have enabled coockies for their browser in order to generate a unique purchase session corresponding to their shopping cart.

When this session is activated, all pages of the site at the top have the symbol and link to go to the shopping cart page.

Description of the purchase /order procedure

The purchase or order procedure on this site is structured as follows:

1. Insert products into the cart
One or more products of the customer’s choice can be inserted into the cart from the product pages with an indication of the desired quantity.

2. Entry of the Applicant’s data

After dialing its cart, the system presents the form relating to the Applicant’s data to be completed in all its parts. For customers who have already purchased or have made a previous registration it is possible to identify themselves through a dedicated form by entering only Username and Password.

3. Enter recipient data

After entering the applicant’s data, the system presents a form to indicate to whom to deliver the requested goods. If the Recipient coincides with the applicant, simply select this eventuality and click on the Continue button. In the event that the Recipient is different from the Applicant or has a different address (delivery address) the system presents a special form to be completed to continue the purchase.

4. Order or Payment

Having defined the cart, the Applicant and the Allocateee, the system presents the possibility to send the order or proceed with the payment through the PAY PAL system where the Customer can pay in all the ways provided by PAY PAL (Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, etc.). In case of order without payment, the Customer will receive immediately after an order confirmation with the specifications to conclude the procedure or will be contacted by Biscottificio Caucci for the management and development of the order request sent.

5. Final Outcome / Payment

The Customer after paying on PAY PAL will automatically receive an email notifying of the purchase, and the payment notification from PAY PAL.

If the Customer after paying on PAY PAL decides to return through the appropriate link on the site will be directed to a purchase confirmation page with summary of the information.

If the Customer decides to abandon the purchase by being on the PAY PAL website, he will be directed to a page of cancellation of the purchase with a summary of the information from which he can possibly try again to make the same, also entering or modifying the data on the products in the cart.
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