A picturesque village, located inside a great mountain landscape, in the south-west area of Basilicata, Trecchina has very old origins and rises on the slopes of Monte Coccovello, that stands above it with the summits of Monte Santa Maria, Balzo Rosso and Mount Spina. These are the three slopes that give the name to the old village.
Rich in history and art, Trecchina reveals itself to the visitor with a fascinating range of landscapes: from the suggestive and harmonious architecture of nineteenth-century buildings to the characteristic and historical town centre, with little and steep streets and stone steps, eaten away by time.
In addition to the beauty of the village there is the enchanting setting of the woods, thick of Turkey oaks, chestnuts, beeches, walnuts and age-old oaks, evidence of a uncontaminated nature.

Il territorio limitrofo

Trecchina is located a few kilometers from the spectacular Mediterranean coast of Maratea, a place of beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea, deep waters, pristine and very popular with divers. Trecchina is also close to mountain trails of the Pollino National Park.

Cenni storici

The origins of Trecchina are quite uncertain: Some trace the first settlement in 500 BC by Greek settlers in the city of Anglona, while others put the origins in Roman times, pointing to the name of Terence
Trecchina was fortified by Lombards before being destroyed by the Saracens in the tenth century, and finally rebuilt in the Norman-Swabian at a point called "fortress". Despite the considerable damage caused by the earthquake of 1783 and 1854, still retains many nineteenth-century buildings of good quality and all decorated with carved stone portals and long supported by wrought iron balconies.
Biscottificio Caucci
Contrada Ronzino
S.S. 585 Km. 15
85049 Trecchina (PZ) - Italy

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