Quality and Tradition

The old bakery specialties of the south-west Basilicata, where the flavors of earth and sea are combined with the simplicity and purity of raw materials such as water and flour, are now more than ever a precious legacy not only culinary but also cultural, linked to the history of taste, flavors and colors of this land, known for its healthy and quality of foods.
The genuine ingredients and the handicraft workmanship, performed by skilled and experienced baker masters, are unmistakable signs of eating habits still intact and preserved. The contribution of modern technology has only the function of ensuring quality control and compliance with high health and hygiene standards.
The Taralli, typical product of this side of Basilicata, flagship of Biscottificio Caucci, are characterized by the simplicity of the processing, recalling the taste of ancient times. It seems that their origin begins in 1400, when farming families, used to offer this food accompanied by good wine as a sign of cordiality and friendship.
The Frese, another primary product of Biscottificio Cauicci, have origins that date back to the ancient Greeks. Virgil remembers them in his verses when Aeneas and his companions landed in Salento and brought with them the "tables", including precisely the frese.
Cooked in a warm oven, in the past decades were consumed in place of bread from the farmers, flavored with fresh tomato, oregano and olive oil: but now have become a delicious meal with a taste that makes them unbeatable.
Preparation takes a few minutes: just wet the surface with cold water to soften it (time may vary depending on whether you want it more or less soft) is flavored with bits of tomato and olive oil , tuna, artichokes and zucchini in olive oil. It is enriched with salt, oregano or other herbs specific to your liking, and the meal is ready.

New productions

Biscottificio Caucci now offers new productions: panettone and doves. They are sweet prepared during the holiday celebrations. The taste is extraordinary and unique thanks to the local ingredients coming from the area in which the company is located: panettone with chestnuts and chocolate, with nuts and cioccalato, lemon, citron.

New recipes that combine the great Italian tradition with the unique taste of local specialities.
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