Biscottificio Caucci

Biscottificio Caucci works since 1968 in the field of Lucania typical baked products. It’s a family business, passionate guardian of regional high quality traditions, with great respect for the recipes and the original working methods, more and more sought by those who love the old good things: well made, with simple ingredients and rich in taste.

Our Products

A wide and rich range of products, made more and more delicious with the addition of natural spices that change taralli e tarallucci in perfect snacks to taste with sausages, ham, cheese, and to serve with excellent wine.

The frese, ring-shaped breads, cut in half and baked a second time in a tepid oven, can be perfectly and simply spiced with fresh tomatoes, rughetta (rocket) and olive oil: a delicious meal, which completely reflects the Mediterranean diet.
Besides the wide range of savoury products, delicious Panettoni e Colombe Pasuqali. Biscuits are also available, ideal for a genuine and energy-giving breakfast so as to make sweeter the afternoon tea-time.

The Market

Biscottificio Caucci’s customers are some of most important national-scale retail trade groups, that, since many years, trust and appreciate the factory productive power, its reliability and honesty.

Our Mission

To preserve the flavours and the fragrances of our typical products, to guarantee quality and genuineness, today as yesterday: this is our mission, since we are persuaded that to recreate, every day, the flavours and fragrances of an old land as Basilicata, is also a cultural mission.
Biscottificio Caucci
Contrada Ronzino
S.S. 585 Km. 15
85049 Trecchina (PZ) - Italy

T. +39 0973 826415
M. + 39 345 7614203

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